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Consciously Aware of Mental Health

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a non-profit that aims to help people consciously consider and improve their mental wellbeing through a thoughtfully curated box of mental health and wellness products delivered seasonally. 

where we came in

“We think of mental health as something that everyone has. Every single person has mental health and how optimal or how good that is varies person to person.”

 - Julia Broglie, Founder BroglieBox

broglie box is...

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As a new company, BroglieBox was trying to ensure that their product, that relies on a element of surprise, was understandable. When we met with Broglie Box, they pinpointed some key needs including: 

Clearer navigation 

Integration of educational resources 

Clear understanding of a seasonally changing product 

Increasing awareness of their donation feature  

Determining their target demographic and implementing a website design that reflects this 

Through our research process, we were able to validate these needs + discovered a few more


our user's journey

(before our adjustments)

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After gathering this research, we worked on analysing it

From this analysis we developed three key insights

1 does not present new users with the product details, resources, and reasoning they need to have confidence in their purchase. 


Confusing navigation, busy screens, and missing product details result in increased screen time on a format not conducive to mental wellbeing. 


Mental health resources can be inaccessible due to financial limitations. BroglieBox aims to increase accessibility through donations but users rarely leave the site understanding that this is a possibility. 

With these insights, how could we redesign the BroglieBox website experience so that new users can quickly and clearly understand the product’s value?

These design decisions helped inform this process

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Design a system that clearly explains the product and rationale behind item decisions. Integrate resources into the purchase flow so that users are aware of immediate help they can get while validating their purchase.

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Design an efficient flow with only the key features necessary to 

inform the purchase and navigate users to additional resources. Utilize white space with accents of natural colors to create a calm browsing experience. 

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Integrate the donation feature into the purchasing process so that users are aware of The BroglieBox Foundation and their ability to give back. 

We implemented these decisions into the final prototype

Product page with clear description of the box and types of products it may include. 

Product categories help inform users of the reasoning behind why items are included. Links to past products give the buyer an idea of what their box may include while retaining an element of surprise. 

Subscription options are listed clearly so that buyers are aware of savings and how often they have to pay. The donation feature is highlighted and rephrased to “sponsor a box” for a personal touch.