future cycles.

The future of living stems from micro cycles and efficient living environments. Macro problems can be tackled through micro solutions and the weight of small movements has never been felt as strongly as in the home. Small choices and changes bear the significance of affecting a wider community, while still allowing the individual to feel in control of a customizable life. 


This future home cycle, supported by various sub-cycles, enables the owner to embrace self-sufficiency and become more efficient in areas of both work and relaxation. The sub-cycles address issues of waste management, healthcare, and productivity through methods personalized to owners in a comfortable, intimate environment.  

space outline-01.png

the cycles.

the dwelling.












the future micro-home.

nature and circulation are connected

nature permeates the home connecting programs in a cycle linking waste with food production and recycling

products within the home.

waste garden-01.png

Become closer to your food.


By the time your meal reaches you, it has 

generally passed through a large cycle. Sure, to the uninformed palate, this meal may still taste great but wouldn’t it be better if YOU could control this cycle. 

WasteGarden© is a self-sustainable vegetable garden providing you with privacy and green space in an increasingly open and urban environment. Source your own fertilizer from your own waste and watch as your bodily functions create a thriving garden. 

waste garden© 

scrap morphosizer© 

Fuel yourself, fuel your machine. 


Food waste is becoming an increasingly publicized issue. We understand that this waste is a problem but eating the entirety of all food products does not make for an enjoyable experience.  ScrapMorphosizer© is a solution to the food waste crisis and creates a fun experience for multiple generations. Watch as your 

ScrapMorphoszier takes plant (cellulose) and meat (gelatin) based food waste, breaks them down and converts them into food containers with a protective covering, ready to hold your next meal. Paired with the WasteGarden©, ScrapMorphosizer extends the cycle of self involvement with food. 

air purification 2-01.png

social air purification©  

Socially strengthened air.


With air quality on the decline, it's important that our own dwellings be a safe environment for us, our friends, and family. SocialAirPurification© allows you to never have to fret over incoming chemicals carried from the street or those any visitors may bring in. With unobtrusive data visualization you can understand the air quality of your environment and the toxins that you are being protected from. SAP is discreet, taking up less space than older models while still affording users the same power.  Its modular form charges in the dock when in the home but can fit together with other modules for socially strengthened air control. 

soft treatment©  

Treat yourself. 


In our fast paced society, few people feel as though they have the time to spare waiting in doctor’s offices or the emergency room. Health is a personal issue and needs to be maintained regularly so that you can continue to be your best self. SoftTreatment© is an unobtrusive method of monitoring your health with quick analysis and treatment so that you can reduce that wasted time in waiting rooms and never be lost in the thousands of patients that doctors treat. The weight of your head and bodyheat powers the in-home system that releases personalized nebulized analgesics, antibiotics and antihistamines through the pillow’s misters while you sleep. Regulating health has never been easier. 

dream pro©  

Sleep well, live well.


Feel that you are missing out on something? All work, no play, and no time for friends? You are not alone. Work days are longer, becoming expert in new technologies takes up more of our time leaving you with little time to spend on activities you enjoy.  DreamPro© can change that for you. DreamPro takes advantage of those hours lost sleeping by using your dreamtime to create a better you. What you don’t have time for during the day you can learn at night. The DreamPro kit contains two unobtrusive articles to help you lucid dream. Three variations of toothpaste give you the choice of different synths, herbs and vitamins depending on the type of productivity you wish to achieve. DreamPro bedsocks monitor your sleep trajectory through fine motor movement and use patented low frequency vibration DreamLines© to wake you peacefully. Looking to improve the quality of your working and sleeping hours: Your personalized DreamPro is waiting for you.